Dr. Dawn Russell – The Humanities Matter

In early November, Rothesay Netherwood School was delighted to host Dr. Dawn Russell, the President and Vice Chancellor of St. Thomas University, on campus.  She attended lunch, personally delivered a letter of acceptance to an RNS graduate and attended an IB Theory of Knowledge class.  After lunch, she addressed the entire student body in Heritage Hall.

Her career stared with a BA from St. Thomas University and she went on to study law at Dalhousie and to complete her Masters in International Law at Cambridge.  She was a law professor at Dalhousie and was the Dean of the law school there for ten years.

In her address, she encouraged students to keep the study of the humanities open because they foster social justice and humanity and help develop empathy by allowing us to understand people through their language, culture and history.  It allows students to develop creative problem solving skills, analyze information, write well and learn how be critical readers and thinkers. All of these skills are in high demand in the work place.  She indicated that during the recession in Canada in 2008 that 95-91% of the people with degrees in engineering, health care, fine art, applied arts, the humanities and social sciences had jobs.

She encouraged students not to be dismissive when it comes to the study of the humanities and to keep it as an option for possible post secondary studies. Check out The Humanities Matter site for more information.



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I work with Grade 11 and 12 students helping them to explore and plan their journey for post secondary options.

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